Name/Artist Nick: Franky Demoulin Personal URL (optional): Country: France Work title/duration: "RIVER" (19 min) Year/country when/where it was made: 2017 / France Short description (1 sentence): RIVER is the study of the face of a forgotten movie star. Explication (no more than 600 words): RIVER shows one face only, filmed from his 15 to his 23 years old. The face of a forgotten movie star, dead from overdose. A face shot from every angle, under every light. We stare at each of his features : the brow, the eye, the cheek, the mouth… He moves and every one of his look seems to animate this minimal landscape. It is an imaginary love letter, with poems I have written for River. CV (optional): Links to your works or any promo that you would like to share (optional): How you know about the festival: Facebook

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