Name/Artist Nick: Giorgos Efthimiou Personal URL (optional): Country: Greece Work title/duration: Motherland / 85' Year/country when/where it was made: 2018 / Greece Short description (1 sentence): A rapper is trying in every way possible to make contact with his dead mother. Explication (no more than 600 words): The first idea of this film was the idea of a person that is searching for his dead mother. I had a lot of times in my mind my mother, who has passed away some years ago, so i was feeling intrigue that it will be funny my brother to play this role. My brother, Giannis Efthimioy is rapper in his real life, so i built his role on this. I know that the demand of an alive person to find someone dead has something dramatic, something overdramatic also, but also it has something paradox. And i would like to film each of these sides. I was wondering a lot about what is dead, what is alive, what is mother. I didn't make this movie to find answers, but to continue wondering. More or less, i have the belief that the people who are not satisfied by their times, are also somehow dead. I mean that people that are not going well with the things that are happening today, are forced to make their lives in diferent dimensions and worlds. So, from this point of view, they are dead for this world. And i wanted the heart of the film to be occupied from this kind of characters. Neo-tragical characters. So, beside my brother, i put characters that was like that. Yiannis, Mary & Antonis had main involvement on the film. Their real life gives inspiration to me, to the characters, and also to the film. Soon, Motherland gained a vital power with outbursting words, instincts, bodies. I felt that was in the fringes of an authentic language that the film was speaking better than me. Today that i am writting this letter, 11/9/2020, has passed more than two years from the premiere of the film, also more than four years from the first date of the shooting. Thankfully, i feel that the film has takes it's own course and it doesn't need a lot of my blah blah. I wish you to enjoy the screening. And if you like it, then say it, say to everyone that you like it! CV (optional): Giorgos Efthimiou is a filmmaker, writer, stage director & curator. He is filmmaking since 2011, he has made several short films and one feature film. His films have been screened and awarded in several international film festivals. In theater, he is directing and sometimes playing in performances with the group MetATiLIthi. He also collaborates with the group Anosia. He makes visuals for live music shows, dance shows, and performances. He has written two books: .Pikrofeggara(poetry) & Deyteri Yli (short stories). Also he is founder & curator in Pugnant Film Series. With Pugnant Film Series organizes screening events that focus in independent cinema era. As curator was also member of the underground Athenian collective team of Chimeres. In the past he has hold a seminar about short films & filmmaking in Cinema Section of Athens University Club Cultural Society. Selected Filmography Hat, Where is it? (2020) Without Bones (2020) Wash your Feet or Podoniftis (2020) Night Pointer (2019) My Dad is a Thousand Years Old (2019) Motherland (2018) There is a cat called unhapiness so I am never all alone (2018) It (2018) Appalachia (2018) I am just trying to say that I love life (2017) Don’t Wake, Eurydice (2016) Melani (2015) Maniac 8.2.8 (2015) Terrori di Imaginacion (2012) WEBSITE: (i am me and a little bit of you // heartless is a good heart) Other Links: KONTAKT: Giorgos Efthimiou Pefkon 60, Athens, Greece 12137 +30 693 226 75 18 Links to your works or any promo that you would like to share (optional): How you know about the festival: From a friend

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