Name/Artist Nick: Hugh Hopkins Personal URL (optional): IG: @huebris Country: USA Work title/duration: Napalm Tests, 8 minutes, 20 seconds Year/country when/where it was made: 2017-2020 Short description (1 sentence): camera-less chemistry experiments, reclaimed test footage and my own family's home movies come together to reflect on a world on fire. Explication (no more than 600 words): Napalm Tests reveals simultaneous realities of the past and present: veils punctured and brought together by military probings in the Southwestern United States. Children's futures as they may once have been are melted away by a flood of strange chemistry, leaking from a hole drilled into the unknown by unwitting test pilots. This film is the future, full of questions, looking back into the past and the past answering with a song, hitherto unknown. CV (optional): Links to your works or any promo that you would like to share (optional): How you know about the festival: facebook

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