Name/Artist Nick: Paulius Sliaupa & Elia Claessen Personal URL (optional): Country: Lithuania Work title/duration: Year of the sun, 04:51 Year/country when/where it was made: 2020, Belgium, april-june, Huldenberg, Belgium Short description (1 sentence): As the distance between natural and the virtual world dissolves, a seeming symbiosis develops. Explication (no more than 600 words): Nature and technology intertwine in the Year of the sun. The digital world is virtual and nothing in it can be touched. Strangely, in order to interact with it, a gentle and precise human touch is necessary. Video displays, growing from the soil, become parts of this landscape as exhibits of interaction. As the distance between natural and the virtual world dissolves, a seeming symbiosis develops. Nature, interconnected with technology, begins to exchange substances and initiates cyclical transformations. Meanwhile, flies buzzing around create random connections between objects and ideas. Sometimes these relations are neutral, sometimes contagious. CV (optional): Paulius Šliaupa‘s (1990, Vilnius, Lithuania) works explore the relationship(s) between culture and nature, the interaction of ambience and light that affect our daily lives. From video-installations and experimental movies for the cinema to objectlike paintings, his oeuvre encompasses a wide range of artistic media. By accumulating the flow of painterly images, atmospheric sounds and poetic energy, the artist creates sensual narratives. Most projects consist of multiple works, grouped around specific themes such as organic structures, rituals in nature, the flow of natural and artificial light and absurd poetic happenings. Šliaupa holds a BA in painting and a MFA in contemporary sculpture from the Vilnius Academy of Arts as well as a MFA in media arts from KASK, Ghent. Selected exhibitions include the solo exhibition “Dès Vu“, Meno Nisa, Vilnius (2019) and the group exhibitions "Perception games", Pärnu Linnagaleriis Raekojas (Uus 4), Pärnu, Estonia, “SCRPR x MONTAGE“, LaVallée, Brussels (2019) and “Media Art Festival“ MAXXI, Rome (2018). Šliaupa is part of the HISK post-graduate programme 2020 & 2021. Links to your works or any promo that you would like to share (optional): How you know about the festival: facebook

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