Name/Artist Nick: Sylvain Souklaye Personal URL (optional): Country: France Work title/duration: DATA SURREALISM (20 minutes) Year/country when/where it was made: 2019 Short description (1 sentence): DATA SURREALISM is about the essentialism of perdition, of the shadow, the unknown, the unsettling, the unsolved. Explication (no more than 600 words): DATA SURREALISM is digital and physical video performance about the battle for abstraction and tangibility into the digital capitalism era. DATA SURREALISM is an ongoing writing and thinking experiment exploring our daily silence crisis between those screens that continuously define us and the digital/the internet as believe that can’t be denied by anyone. With DATA SURREALISM the artist Sylvain Souklaye wants to introduce the concept of “Improvisation systématique” because industrial productivity and premeditated serendipity are the foundation of our conceit fabric. DATA SURREALISM aims to follow our curiosity for and visceral need for sensitivity. DATA SURREALISM explores our primal need for abstraction and poetry under surveillance capitalism and automated behaviour made as a technological revolution. Realism push us to survive into an encrypted secrecy because our desire and freedom has been coded. Data is all around us, we only have left a "grain de folie" to reason with the digital regime. We are living in a data driven era. Life is becoming more and more a unit ready to be articulated and less and less a singularity to cherish. DATA SURREALISM is about the essentialism of perdition, of the shadow, the unknown, the unsettling, the unsolved. DATA SURREALISM is a token to imagination, to the mind when our eyes and fingers are the object of a (graphic) design. DATA SURREALISM aims to be a reminiscence of us as a living, breathing and imperfect oddities lost in the universe. Sylvain Souklaye dosharedeleterepeat CV (optional): 1 - Biography%20%26%20Manifesto%20%7C%20Sylvain%20Souklaye%20%7C%202020. pdf?dl=0 2 - dl=0 Links to your works or any promo that you would like to share (optional): Photo How you know about the festival: Facebook open call group

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