January 25, 2021

A spectre is haunting us - the spectre of lack of space. 'Out-of-Space' the question, then, was what we could do with 'no space' in the conditions we were in. Luckily for us, capitalism made us pretty good at self-management. It also made us fairly good at building hierarchies, structures of authority, and other practices that align with capitalism rather than anarchism. Hierarchies that exclude and close off the world we share.

In the current landscape of the city, where one cannot be free, there is an abundance of places where one is dictated how to behave. All places are enforcing how one should act, feel and think, everything but giving one the possibility to alter the hierarchic structures currently present in our society. These structures restrict and distract people from living independently.

Society starts with the very bricks and concrete it is built upon. The hierarchy is stacked in real estates, nuts, bolts and shelves. Work with what is there, take what is rotting away, dust it off, embrace the dust and everything will be both a tool and a toy. One man's trash is another fool's gold. Seeing the beauty of this rotten system, drowning capitalism in the very pond it drinks from; skills intrinsic to everyone bending over like the good citizen they are expected to be.

Liberation is a continuous process, never stops, never complete. It is the process that matters; today we die, tomorrow we rot.

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